What is so special about the A-Series with Display?

The S&G A-series with Display ATM lock is the new industry leader with innovations in design and performance that far surpass anything on the market today:

• 30-Character display screen including letters, icons and codes ensures operating the A-Series with Display is easy and intuitive.

• USB audit function allows the tracking and storage of single events and large audit trails for complete oversight via a new built-in USB audit function. Multiple file formats and locks are accepted by this new addition, addressing and simplifying compatibility issues with other systems.

• An optional application provides one-time-codes instantaneously—removing the need for time-consuming dispatch calls and ultimately decreasing the amount of time spent on site.

• 3 different modes of operation that allow certain levels of access to authorized persons.

• Several certifications achieved: UL Type 1/ VdS Class 2/ CEN B/ A2P B/E/ RoHS Compliant

To find out more about the New A Series with Display lock, please contact Jennifer Clegg at Safelocking using the details below:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR Phone: 0161 627 7947

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