GDPR – Are you 100% compliant?  

Most organisations have taken adequate steps to ensure that they are compliant, however as we live in a digital world physical records and paper trails are often forgotten about. 

Don’t get caught, or let down by your paper trail!
If your company or organisation does not operate within the confines of the new GDPR legislation you’re at risk of receiving large fines. Safelocking are here to provide you with solutions that are GDPR ready, so your organisation has certainty that it is 100% complaint.

GDPR Ready Safes

From an economy range to a high-performance fire resistance range, SFL provides free standing safes for varying levels of requirement and budget.  
Euro Grade Safes Secure Stor Security Cabinets Fire Stor Security Cabinets
The protection provided by our range of cabinets ensures that your organisation has taken measures to protect your customer's data against:  
- Unlawful destruction
- Accidental loss
- Unauthorised alteration
- Unauthorised disclosure or access

This can be seen in article 32 of the current GDPR legislation. 

GDPR Ready Combination Locks

Each Digital combination lock from our Sargent & Greenleaf GDPR ready range comes equipped with features that provide an audit trail, one-time codes and is simple to install and operate.
Audit Lock 2.0 A-Series Lock
The functionality of the Sargent & Greenleaf range of GDPR combination locks ensure that you have taken measures to ensure every action concerning paper-based customer data is recorded:
- Name and contact details of the controller of the data
- Purpose for processing the data - if over 250 people, otherwise this is not necessary when strict criteria has been met
- Descriptions of the type of data held and the subjects to whom it relates to

This can be seen in article 30 of the current GDPR legislation. 

If you think we are being a little extreme and that you won’t get caught out, then think again. The EU will not discriminate between a small business and a big one – is a potentially heavy fine worth taking the risk by not securing your paper-based data?

If you want to avoid a potential fine, then protect your data by using one of our GDPR products. Our sales team are there ready to assist you now:
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